Bill Harman -  Celebrant & Master of Ceremonies (MC) -
With a lifelong background in  public relations, creative writing, TV and event production and public performance, I have the appropriate skills and experience to create and deliver a very professional, memorable and entertaining ceremony or celebration, be there few  guests or a guest list  in the hundreds. 
I grew up in England and spent my formative working years in professional theatre as an actor but also studying the technical aspects of theatre work. I then moved into television production, working on comedy, music and drama productions. I also spent five years in the pop and rock music industry, handling PR, event management and artist liaison for top UK and overseas recording artists and rock bands.
In 1981 I brought my family to New Zealand where we have very happily lived ever since. What a privilege it is to be able to enjoy the lifestyle of this beautiful country! Since living here I have mostly worked in the television industry in various roles including that of Writer, Director and Producer. I have directed performances by people as diverse as Sir Edmund Hillary and Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries) and I had the honour to be Billy T. James' last producer, both for his final TV series and his live ‘In Concert’ performance at the Aotea Centre. Prior to becoming a celebrant I managed the North Island outside broadcast operations of Trackside Television, the racing channel
I believe the  experiences  I  gained through media, performance management and communication throughout my life  provided me with excellent skills to practice as a celebrant.
These days, I am kept young by my family and all the fabulous couples, young and not so young, with whom I get to work. And I have great energy, maintained bodily by a lifelong addiction to physical fitness and mentally from writing and presenting unique ceremonies. I have been married to the beautiful Gaye, a talented musician and singer, for  over forty years. We have two happily married sons and two lovely daughters in law and they have  blessed us with four fabulous grandchildren. The older I get, the more I realise how  precious life is, and how important it is to fill each day with fun and laughter. To grow old is unavoidable, to grow up is entirely optional.
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